JBL Endurance Peak Not Charging: Fix It

In this article, we have delved into the common issue of JBL Endurance Peak earbuds not charging and provided comprehensive solutions to address this concern. 

We begin by highlighting the signs indicating the earbuds are not charging, emphasizing the importance of accurately diagnosing the problem. We then proceed to outline various troubleshooting steps, ranging from simple cleaning techniques to more technical procedures such as hard resetting the earbuds. 

Additionally, we offer guidance on ensuring proper placement of the earbuds in the charging case and suggest restarting the connected device as a potential solution. The article covers specific fixes for both the left and right earbuds, ensuring a comprehensive approach to resolving the charging issue. 

We aim to provide readers with practical solutions to effectively tackle the JBL Endurance Peak not charging issue and restore functionality to their earbuds.

Signs That Shows JBL Endurance Peak Not Charging

If you need to diagnose any disease, the first step should always be to determine if the disease is present. Therefore, if you feel like your JBL Endurance Peak is showing the not charging issue, first check whether it’s indeed a charging issue or something else.

If your JBL Endurance Peak isn’t turning on, it’s possible that their battery level is dead, preventing them from turning on.

Additionally, if the red light is constantly flashing, it means that the JBL Endurance Peak isn’t charging, and their battery level is low, causing the red light to flash to indicate a low battery level.

How To Fix JBL Endurance Peak Not Charging Issue

The JBL Endurance Peak has a charging issue. There are various methods to fix the JBL Endurance Peak Not Charging issue, some simple and others more technical. 

I will guide you through these methods, starting from the simplest and progressing towards technical solutions. Remember to read these instructions carefully and apply them with caution.

Clean The JBL Endurance Peak Earbuds

The first step is to clean your JBL Endurance Peak earbuds. This is because if the charging contact points are dirty, they will not be able to establish a proper connection with the charging case, and you will face a charging issue. 

However, clean them with great care, as excessive force could damage them. Follow my instructions carefully:

First, use a cotton swab to clean the JBL Endurance Peak earbuds and charging case thoroughly. This is crucial because if you use alcohol directly without cleaning, the dirt will get stuck and make things worse. It could even damage your earbuds.

Next, grab a cotton swab and dampen it slightly with rubbing alcohol.

Gently rub the damp cotton swab on the charging contacts of both the JBL Endurance Peak earbuds and the charging case. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or use the alcohol directly on the earbuds.

Once finished, use a clean cotton cloth to dry the earbuds and charging case completely.

Additionally, a pencil eraser can also be used for cleaning. The graphite and rubber in the eraser can help clean the charging contacts. Just gently rub the eraser on the contacts.

Place Earbuds Into Their Respective Holes

If the charging contacts have been cleaned but the JBL Endurance Peak earbuds still aren’t charging, it may mean that the connection between the charging points is not established properly because the earbuds haven’t been placed correctly in the charging case. 

Follow these tips to ensure proper charging:

Ensure that you place the JBL Endurance Peak earbuds properly in the charging case and make sure to close the lid completely. 

Avoid putting pressure on the lid as it can misplace the earbuds and make it difficult to establish a connection with the charging contacts.

Additionally, you can gently shake the earbuds to ensure they are properly seated. 

Do not force them, as it’s possible that over time, the charging points will establish a connection, as the earbuds’ connectors will fit snugly into the hole of the case.

Make sure to ensure that your earbuds’ arms are not bent. If they are bent, they may not be properly placed in the correct position, resulting in a failure to establish a charging connection. Therefore, fix any bent arms and then place them correctly to establish the connection.

Hard Reset Your Earbuds

For fixing the JBL Endurance Peak Not Charging issue, a great method is to perform a hard reset. Hard resetting can restore many settings to its default value, but it requires following a series of steps. 

We have written a detailed article on how to reset JBL Endurance Peak earbuds. Reading our ‘how to reset earbuds’ article can be quite helpful for you.

Restart Your Device

If you are still facing the JBL Endurance Peak Not Charging issue, I’d recommend you try powering off the device once and then turning it back on. 

If you are trying to connect your earbuds with a device, make sure to power off and then power on both the earbuds and the device you are attempting to connect them with. 

Doing this can refresh the connections, and hopefully, the charging connection will establish.

For instance, if you are using an Android device, press and hold the power button to bring up the power options, then tap on the power off button to shut down the device.

Hold the power button for about 10 seconds and then release it. Keep holding it until your device doesn’t restart again.

JBL Endurance Peak Left Earbud Not Charging: Fix It

For your JBL Endurance Peak left earbud not charging, ensure meticulous cleaning and proper placement. Use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to clean contacts and place earbuds securely in the charging case. 

Avoid pressure on the lid and check for bent earbud arms. 

If the issue persists, consider a hard reset and device restart. With these steps, you’ll tackle the charging problem head-on!

JBL Endurance Peak Right Earbud Not Charging: Fix It

To fix the issue of the right earbud of your JBL Endurance Peak not charging, start by thoroughly cleaning the earbuds and charging case with a cotton swab dampened with rubbing alcohol. 

Ensure proper placement of the right earbud in the charging case, avoiding pressure on the lid. Check for any damage or bending in the earbud’s structure. 

If the problem persists, consider performing a hard reset and restarting both the earbuds and the connected device. With these steps, you’ll be able to resolve the charging issue with your JBL Endurance Peak right earbud.

Signs That Shows JBL Endurance Peak Is Charging

Follow the outlined steps diligently to ensure your earbuds are charging properly. 

If the red light remains steady, it signifies your earbuds are indeed charging correctly. I recommend allowing them to charge for a minimum of 3-4 hours.


Resolving the JBL Endurance Peak not charging issue requires careful steps outlined in this guide. From thorough cleaning to performing hard resets and device restarts, we’ve provided a range of solutions to address various scenarios. 

By following these steps, users can effectively diagnose and overcome charging issues, ensuring uninterrupted use of their earbuds for all activities.

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