How to Reset JBL Endurance Peak

Resetting your JBL Endurance Peak earbuds can be a simple yet effective solution to troubleshoot various issues you might encounter.

Whether you’re experiencing connectivity problems, charging issues, or unresponsive earbuds, performing a reset can often resolve these issues and restore your earbuds to optimal functionality.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to reset your JBL Endurance Peak earbuds, ensuring you can enjoy uninterrupted audio experiences.

Errors That Can Be Fixed By Resetting JBL Endurance Peak

Left Earbud Stopped Working

Many JBL Endurance Peak users have reported that their left earbud does not connect to their phone or the right earbud. 

Actually, I want to explain that the JBL Endurance Peak earbuds are designed to connect through the right earbud. When you are listening to music or receiving a call, your JBL Endurance Peak left earbud loses connection, it switches to mono mode. 

Mono mode is a feature where only the right earbud functions for music or calls, and the left earbud automatically unpairs.

After the call ends, the left earbud often does not reconnect to the right earbud, which is a common complaint among users. If you are facing this issue, you should try resetting your earbuds as our method suggests below, because resetting is the solution to this error.

JBL Endurance Peak Not Charging Issue

Additionally, users of the Endurance Peak often report that their earbuds are not charging. The JBL Endurance Peak not charging issue can be resolved using several methods. 

We have detailed various methods in our article JBL Endurance Peak not charging: Fix It, and one of these methods is resetting. 

Yes, you can fix the not charging issue by performing a soft or hard reset of your earbuds. This error can sometimes be resolved through resetting.

If you want to fix this error by resetting, follow the steps we have provided.

JBL Endurance Peak Won’t Connect

Additionally, many users report issues with their JBL Endurance Peak not connecting. If you are facing this type of error, resetting them might be the best solution. 

Follow our provided steps to reset your JBL Endurance Peak, and then pair jbl endurance peak With your device. If you want to learn the detailed steps on how to reset, please read our article.

Steps For Soft Reset JBL Endurance Peak

If you want to reset your JBL Endurance Peak earbuds, I recommend that you first try the soft reset method. 

A soft reset will not restore your earbuds to their default settings and will not result in any data loss. 

Therefore, I suggest that you first try a soft reset. If you are facing any errors or issues that require resetting, a soft reset should be your first step.

To perform a soft reset, follow these steps:

Take both of your earbuds and place them in the charging case.

Leave them in the charging case for about 10 Seconds.

After 10 Seconds, take the earbuds out of the charging case.

Turn on your earbuds by pressing the power button.

Once your JBL Endurance Peak earbuds are turned on, they should be soft reset. This simple method allows you to reset your earbuds without losing any data.

Steps for Hard Reset JBL Endurance Peak

If you need to, you can hard reset your earbuds, but keep in mind that doing so will restore your earbuds to their default settings. 

This means that any original files or saved data will be lost during the hard reset and cannot be recovered. 

So, if you choose to go ahead with the hard reset, you need to be aware of these points.

To reset your earbuds, follow these steps:

Place your JBL Endurance Peak in the charging case.

While charging, Click the sensor area once.

After clicking once, press and hold the sensor area for at least 20 seconds.

Release your finger after 20 seconds.

Turn on your earbuds.

Your earbuds will now be hard reset.

Resetting Reset JBL Endurance Peak With JBL APP

JBL has an app that provides many features to JBL users, including the ability to reset their earbuds. However, not all JBL models are compatible with the JBL app. What I mean is that the app may not be compatible with your specific JBL model.

I visited the official JBL website to find out if the JBL Endurance Peak earbuds are compatible with the JBL app, but I didn’t find a clear answer. The JBL Endurance Peak was not listed in the compatibility list. You might want to try connecting your Endurance Peak with the JBL app to see if it works.

First, try connecting your Endurance Peak to the app. 

If they are compatible, they will connect. If not, they won’t connect. 

If they are compatible, connect your earbuds to the app and scroll down to see various options.

Look for the “Support” section and click on it. 

Then, you will see more options, including “Reset to Factory Settings.” 

Select this option, and a confirmation button will appear. 

Press the reset button to confirm. Doing this will factory reset your earbuds.


Resetting your JBL Endurance Peak earbuds can effectively resolve common issues such as connectivity problems, charging failures, and unpairing of the left earbud. By following the provided steps for soft and hard resets, you can restore your earbuds to optimal performance. 

If these methods don’t work, the JBL app might offer additional support. Implement these solutions to enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality audio experiences with your JBL Endurance Peak earbuds.

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