How to Find Lost Soundcore Earbuds (Even If Turned Off)

You can find lost soundcore earbuds (Even if turned off) by using earbuds tracking apps, using bluetooth trackers, using the serial number, using your brain & using social media. By following these steps, you can quickly and efficiently find your lost earbuds. 

Since earbuds are used daily, it’s important to minimize the risk of misplacing them. Some habits that can help prevent their loss include using a Bluetooth tracker, regularly charging the earbuds, and designating a specific location for them.

Now, let’s delve into each solution and take a closer look at the preventive measures mentioned above:

Using Earbuds Tracking Apps

There are different applications and devices available for tracking. Similarly, there are tracking apps available for both Iphone and android users to track Soundcore brand earbuds as well. You can also use Soundcore official app to easily track your SoundCore earbuds.

To find lost Soundcore earbuds using a tracking app, follow these steps:

  • Open your mobile device’s app store and search for the “Find My Headset” app.
  • Install the “Find My Headset” app on your device to find lost Soundcore earbuds.
  • Once the app is installed, open it.

Now you can track your earbuds with the help of two features using the app:

  • First, locate the “Send Tone” option within the app and press it. This feature allows you to play a high-volume sound from your Soundcore earbuds, making it easier for you to hear and track them. Choose this option if you believe your earbuds are turned on and within a 33-foot distance from your phone.
  • If you’re unsure about their distance, you can use the “Backtrack” feature to find lost SoundCore earbuds. Locate the “Backtrack” feature within the app and initiate it. This feature will provide you with the last known location of your earbuds when you last used them. This feature is also helpful to find lost bluetooth headphones that are turned off.

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Using Bluetooth Tracker

Apart from the “Find My Headset” app, you can also use Bluetooth trackers to help find lost SoundCore earbuds, provided that you have attached a Bluetooth tracker to your earbuds. A Bluetooth tracker is an important element in this process because it can track lost devices over longer distances. 

Bluetooth trackers generally have a working range of approximately 200 to 300 feet, which is significantly greater than the range of the “Find My Headset” app. Hence,you can easily find lost bluetooth headphones that are turned off using a bluetooth tracker.

Using The Serial Number

You can indeed attempt to find lost Soundcore earbuds using the serial number, although there isn’t a common method for this. It can be somewhat helpful. Many SoundCore earbud models have the serial number mentioned on them. Use the following steps:

  • Locate the serial number on your SoundCore earbuds. It is usually mentioned on the earbuds or their packaging.
  • Use the serial number to verify ownership of your earbuds with the manufacturer’s customer support.
  • Provide the verified serial number to customer support and inquire if they have any tracking or assistance options available.
  • Follow any guidance provided by the customer support team to potentially track your earbuds using their systems or methods.

Using Your Brain

You can also use your brain to find lost Soundcore earbuds. For this, you’ll need to remember certain patterns. Recall where you most frequently use or place your earbuds.

After using them, think about the locations where you tend to keep them: Think

  • Where were you when you last used your earbuds?
  • What places did you visit during your last use?
  • How far did you travel from one place to another?

By remembering and considering these details, you can potentially track your SoundCore earbuds that are even turned off.

Using Social Media

If technology is used appropriately, it can be very helpful. Therefore, to find lost bluetooth headphones that are turned off, you can utilize social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. You can go to relevant groups and ask people for assistance. 

Recall where you lost your earbuds, whether it’s a specific place or city. Then, post in a local Facebook group for that city. Request help from the community and provide your contact details. If someone finds your earbuds, they can reach out to you and arrange to return them to your provided address.

You can also use social media to address other common Soundcore earbuds problems, such as fixing the problem of Soundcore earbuds one side not working, by seeking assistance..

Some Preventive Measures

Having both music and earbuds together is crucial; one without the other is incomplete. Therefore, it’s essential to prevent your earbuds from getting lost. To safeguard against them being lost, you can follow a few important steps. These steps are outlined below:

Decide Their Location

If you want to prevent your earbuds from getting lost, please assign them a specific location. Develop a habit of placing them in that particular spot after each use. Whenever you finish using the earbuds, make sure to return them to their designated location. By doing this, the chances of them getting lost will be significantly reduced.

Use Bluetooth Tracker

A Bluetooth tracker is a device that can attach to both your earbuds and their case. In case they go missing, this device allows you to track them effectively. It has an extensive tracking range, making it possible to locate your earbuds even over longer distances. 

Therefore, by using a Bluetooth tracker, you can easily track your earbuds and their case, offering a convenient and extended tracking solution. Make sure to start using a Bluetooth tracker to enhance your tracking capabilities.

Attaching a Chain to Earbuds

If you want to prevent your best Soundcore earbuds from getting lost, I would suggest attaching a chain to either your earbuds or their case, and securing the chain to your belt. This way, when you’re out and about, you won’t have to worry about them getting lost or falling. I personally use this method with my both Soundcore Life P3 and Anker Soundcore Life P3i models, usually keeping them tied to my belt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find lost Bluetooth headphones that are turned off?

You can find lost Bluetooth headphones that are turned off by following the below given steps:

Utilize Earbud Tracking Apps: Install and use earbud tracking apps like “Find My Headset” to play a sound or locate the last used location.

Implement Bluetooth Trackers: Attach Bluetooth trackers to your earbud case for extended range tracking.

Leverage Serial Number: Verify ownership through the earbuds’ serial number with customer support for potential tracking assistance.

Employ Memory Recall: Mentally retrace steps and habits to remember where you might have left your earbuds.

Harness Social Media: Seek help from local online communities to amplify your search efforts.

How to find wireless earbuds case?

To locate the case of your wireless earbuds, you’ll need to remember a few things. You’ll have to think about where you last placed them or consider where you typically keep them. This way, by recalling your personal habits, you can find the lost case.

How to find Soundcore Life P3 earbuds?

You can use either the “Find My Headset” app or the Soundcore app to help locate your Soundcore Life P3 earbuds. These apps help in playing music loudly on the earbuds to make tracking easier. Alternatively, they provide information about the earbuds’ last used location. This way, you can find your Soundcore Life P3 earbuds effectively.

How to find bluetooth devices?

You can follow different methods to locate a Bluetooth device. By using the “Find My Devices” app, you can find your Bluetooth devices like earbuds and others. If a Bluetooth tracker is attached with your device, you can locate your Bluetooth device with its assistance. Additionally, you can manually search for the device by closely inspecting your surroundings.


In summary, finding lost Soundcore earbuds, even when they’re turned off, requires a mix of smart methods. We’ve looked at using apps, Bluetooth trackers, serial numbers, your memory, and social media. This shows that being proactive greatly improves your chances of success. 

By remembering to charge your earbuds and keeping them in one spot, you can decrease your likelihood of losing your earbuds. Combining modern solutions with practical habits gives you a strong approach to solving the challenge of misplaced Soundcore earbuds and reuniting with them quickly.

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