Soundcore Q30 vs Q35: Choose The Best

In a world with lots of different headphones to choose from, it can be hard to find the perfect pair. Soundcore, a well-known audio company, has two options: the Q30 and Q35 headphones. These headphones promise great sound, comfort, and cool features. Whether you love music or need good sound for work and fun, it’s important to pick the right one. 

In this comparison, we’ll look closely at the Soundcore Q30 Vs Q35 headphones. We’ll talk about what makes them special, what’s good about them, and what’s not so good. By the end, you’ll know which one is right for you.

Soundcore Q30 vs Q35 Specs

FeaturesSoundcore Q30Soundcore Q35
Noise Cancellation✔️✔️
Various Modes✔️✔️
LDAC TechnologyX✔️
Soft Ear Cups✔️✔️
Reviews4.5 star4.4 star
Item Weight9.6 ounces9.6 ounces
PlaytimeUp to 60 Hours40 Hours

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Soundcore Q30

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Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Technology

Soundcore by Anker uses hybrid active noise cancellation technology in the Life Q30 headphones to cancel out ambient sounds. For this purpose, dual microphones are employed. These microphones capture and filter noise, allowing only smooth, clear sound to be transferred to your ears. This process effectively filters out up to 95% of low-frequency ambient noise, ensuring a more immersive listening experience.

Noise Cancellation Modes

In addition to noise cancellation, Soundcore Q30 offers various modes. If you’re on an airplane, you can activate the transport mode to cancel out engine noise. When you’re outdoors, you can rely on outdoor mode to cancel external noise. Similarly, if you’re indoors at home, you can use indoor mode to effectively cancel indoor noises.

Hi-Res Music

Enjoy your music with incredible clarity using Life Q30 headphones. They have special 40mm speakers that make the bass really powerful and the high notes super clear. You can hear every tiny detail in your favorite songs, even the high-pitched sounds that make the music sound better.


Life Q30 headphones keep your music playing for a long time. You can listen for up to 40 hours with noise cancellation on. If you turn off noise cancellation, they last even longer, up to 60 hours. And if you’re in a hurry, just charge them for 5 minutes, and you’ll get 4 hours of listening time.

Ultra-Soft Protein Leather Earcups

Life Q30 noise-canceling headphones are really comfy. They have soft protein leather ear cushions with memory foam, so they fit perfectly on your ears without any pressure. Plus, they’re lightweight, so you can wear them for a long time without facing Soundcore earbuds problems.


  • Affordable price with ANC
  • Impressive noise cancellation
  • Versatile noise modes
  • Enhanced sound quality


  • Lack user experience

Soundcore Q35

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Multi-Mode Noise Cancellation

Life Q30 headphones have special microphones on each side that find and block annoying sounds around you. You can pick from different modes like Transport, Outdoor, or Indoor to make the noise canceling work best for where you are.

Built In Sensors

Life Q35 noise-canceling Soundcore earbuds are comfy for all-day wear. They’re light and have soft cushions on the ears and headband. They’re smart too & use built in sensors – when you take them off, they pause your music automatically, so you don’t miss a beat.

AI-Enhanced Calls

Life Q35 noise-canceling headphones make your calls super clear. They have special microphones that use smart AI technology to capture your voice perfectly. So, when you talk on the phone, the other person hears you loud and clear, without any extra noise.

LDAC Technology

Life Q35 noise-canceling headphones use LDAC Technology, which sends three times more music data compared to regular Bluetooth. This means you hear all the small details in your music because nothing gets lost along the way.

Hi-Res Audio 

Life Q35 headphones have special drivers that play music really well. They make sure the music sounds clear and detailed, without any distortion. These headphones are certified to provide high-quality audio, both when connected with wires and wirelessly.


  • Great sound quality
  • Good wireless performance
  • Effective noise cancellation
  • Comfortable for long wear


  • Lacks microphone mute button
  • Complex setup for some

Soundcore Q30 vs Q35: Detailed Comparison

Noise Cancellation & Modes

The Soundcore Q30 headphones incorporate hybrid active noise cancellation technology with dual microphones to effectively eliminate ambient noise, providing a clear and immersive listening experience. Offering versatile modes like Transport, Outdoor, and Indoor, the Q30 adapts to different environments, making it an excellent choice for travelers and those seeking a quieter setting indoors or outdoors.

On the other hand, the Soundcore Q35 headphones also utilize dual microphones and mention similar modes, such as Transport, Outdoor, and Indoor, indicating a comparable noise-canceling capability. 

Hi-Res Music

The Life Q30 headphones deliver music with remarkable clarity, thanks to their special 40mm speakers that enhance the bass and make high notes exceptionally clear. With these headphones, you can enjoy every intricate detail in your favorite songs, even those high-pitched sounds that add depth to the music.

In contrast, the Life Q35 headphones feature special drivers that excel at reproducing music with precision. They ensure your music remains clear and detailed, completely free from distortion. These headphones are certified to offer high-quality audio whether you’re connected with wires or enjoying wireless freedom.

LDAC Technology

The Life q30 does not mention this feature, it means this feature is missing in them. 

The Life Q35 headphones incorporate LDAC Technology, a feature that significantly enhances audio quality by transmitting three times more music data compared to regular Bluetooth. This means you can enjoy your music with exceptional clarity, capturing all the subtle nuances and small details that might otherwise be lost when using standard Bluetooth headphones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Q35 better than Q30?

The Soundcore Q35 stands out as the superior choice between the two headphones. With advanced features like LDAC technology, AI-enhanced calls, and excellent sound quality, it offers a premium audio experience. While the Q30 is a great budget option with impressive noise cancellation, the Q35’s additional capabilities make it the better overall pick for those seeking top-tier wireless headphones.

Does Soundcore Q35 have a mic?

Yes, the Soundcore Q35 headphones have a built-in microphone. This microphone is designed to capture your voice for phone calls and voice commands while using the headphones.

Does Soundcore Q30 leak?

The Soundcore Q30 headphones are designed to have good noise isolation, which means they should not leak much sound when you’re listening to music or audio. However, like most headphones, if you listen to music at a very high volume, there might be some sound leakage, but it should generally be minimal and not disturb people nearby.


In the world of headphones, both the Soundcore Q30 and Q35 have their own strengths. The Q30 offers fantastic value with its excellent sound and comfortable design, making it a great choice for music lovers on a budget. 

On the other hand, the Q35 steps up the game with even better sound quality and some advanced features, making it ideal for those who prioritize premium audio. Your decision should depend on your needs and budget. 

Whichever you choose, you’re in for a treat with Soundcore headphones, as they both deliver impressive performance and comfort. So, pick the one that suits your style and start enjoying your music in a whole new way.

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