How To Wear Headphones With Curly Hair 

Embracing the unique challenge of wearing headphones with curly hair, this comprehensive guide is dedicated to those who cherish their curls and their music. 

Navigating through a variety of innovative methods, we delve into creative hairstyles like the Pineapple Method and practical adjustments like wearing headphones upside down or with extra padding. 

We explore different headphone types best suited for curly hair, from in-ear to lightweight models, and offer tips to enhance comfort without compromising style. 

This article is a curly-haired individual’s roadmap to enjoying their favourite tunes seamlessly, blending fashion with functionality in every tip and trick presented.

Pineapple Method:

Now, this pineapple method may seem funny to you, but here, we’re not talking about pineapple fruit. We’re discussing styling your curly hair into a pineapple shape. Don’t worry; it’s just a hairstyle. The benefit of the pineapple hairstyle is that it allows you to easily wear headphones without causing discomfort or messing up your hair.

Let’s first understand how to create the pineapple hairstyle, which is better for our headphones.

1. Gather your curly hair into a low ponytail or bun. Bring the upper part of your curly hair towards the back of your head, creating a low ponytail. Use a hair tie to secure it tightly; this forms the base of the pineapple.

2. Make sure all your hair is tightly and securely tied with the hair tie. Now, if you look in the mirror, you’ll see that you’ve created a pineapple shape on the back of your head. The body of the pineapple is your head, and the upper part, secured with the hair tie, represents the crown of the pineapple.

This hairstyle allows you to comfortably wear headphones without affecting your curly hair. Give it a try, and you’ll see the convenience it offers. 

Now, when you have this new pineapple shape in your hair, it’s time to wear your headphones. Wear them as you usually do.

This was one method to show you how to wear headphones with curly hair. However, if your headphones tend to fall off due to this hairstyle (as curly hair doesn’t provide a straight surface), make sure they are securely fit. Secure fit means tightening them enough so they don’t fall off but be cautious not to make it too tight to avoid discomfort. If you find your headphones falling off, it’s essential to ensure they are securely placed. However, tightening too much can be uncomfortable, so consider using comfortable padding to address this issue.

So, that was our pineapple method that how to wear headphones with curly hair by making a pineapple at the top of your head. 

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Upside Down:

Headphone hair poses a significant risk to curly hair. By headphone hair, we mean that the pressure and heavy weight of headphones, combined with prolonged wear, flatten and damage the hair. This flattening results in damage, especially pronounced in curly hair. 

This becomes more critical when using headphones with a hairstyle where individual hair sections are bundled together. In such cases, the headphones can get entangled, causing additional damage to your hair.

To address this, it’s advisable to flip your headphones. However, it’s important to note that this method is more relevant for those using over-ear headphones. Over-ear headphones, being positioned over the top of your head, can contribute to headphone hair issues in curly hair.

So, the key is to be mindful of this and consider flipping your headphones, especially if you use over-ear headphones, to minimize the impact of headphone hair on your curly locks. 

So, if you use over-ear headphones, you need to flip them. That means wearing them upside down, with the headband below and the ear cups aligned with your ears. The goal is to ensure that the headband of your headphones doesn’t interfere with your curly hair. For this purpose, wear them around your neck.

However, a common issue arises when wearing over-ear headphones upside down—they might fall out. This is because the entire weight of the headphones is directed downward, and only the ear cups are in contact with your ears. To secure a comfortable fit and prevent them from falling, you need to find a position where the ear cups are snug on your ears.

Exact positioning can vary based on your ear and neck height, so find a comfortable position where you’re confident your headphones won’t fall. This is the key solution to prevent them from falling out.

So, that was the scenario on how to wear headphones with curly hair, specifically by flipping them upside down for over-ear headphones.

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Wear Headphones Backward:

Now, when headphone users flip their headphones upside down, they often face the issue of headphones falling out due to the downward weight. This happens because the headphones are worn in the opposite direction. 

To overcome this, another method is to wear the headphones at the back of the head, meaning placing the earcups below and aligning them with the ears.

While this method poses a risk of headphones falling off for users of over-ear headphones, it is recommended for those who use in-ear headphones. The structure and shape of in-ear headphones are compatible with this method. 

However, if you still prefer using over-ear headphones in this position, you’ll need to ensure a secure fit to prevent them from falling out. We’ve provided some tips below on how to securely fit your over-ear headphones in this specific position.

Firstly, try adjusting the headband of your over-ear headphones. If the headband is adjustable, ensure it is fully closed or tightened in its normal position to achieve a secure and tight fit.

Secondly, consider tightening the earcups of your headphones. Try keeping them slightly higher than your ears to minimize movement caused by ear motion.

Lastly, you can use tools like headphone clips to secure a fit. These clips help in keeping the headphones securely in place.

By following these steps, you can comfortably wear your headphones in a backward position with long hair. Now, let us move towards our next method on how to wear headphones with curly hair. 

Move Headphones Earcups Slightly UP: 

Now, the purpose of lifting the earcups of your headphones slightly higher is twofold. Firstly, it aims to counter the flatness caused in your hair by the headband of the headphones, commonly referred to as “headphone hair.” 

Secondly, when the earcups of headphones rest directly on your ears, the curly hairs around your ears can get stuck, leading to damage. Moreover, prolonged use of headphones in this manner may hinder the natural movement of your ears and cause discomfort.

To avoid these issues, it’s recommended to position the headphones slightly upward. This way, the headband stays clear of your curly hair, preventing damage, and the earcups are elevated above your ears, providing both comfort and preventing damage to your ear-adjacent hairs.

Therefore, to avoid these issues, you need to position your headphones slightly upward. Lift them in a way that the headband stays clear of your curly hair, preventing any damage to the hair, and the earcups are elevated above your ears to ensure comfort.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that in this position, there is a possibility of headphones falling out. To prevent this, you need to ensure a secure fit. To achieve a secure fit, consider adjusting the headband of your headphones, making it slightly tight if it’s adjustable. 

Be cautious not to make it too tight to avoid discomfort. Another tip is to use additional padding on the earcups. Purchase any suitable ear cushion and wear it with your headphones to add extra comfort.

If your headphones still fall out, you may need to explore different methods, which we will discuss further on how to wear headphones with curly hair. 

Adjustable/Loosen Headbands In Headphones: 

Now, if you’ve been using headphones for a considerable amount of time, you’re likely familiar with adjustable headphones’ headbands. These headbands are specifically designed to conform to the shape of your head. 

They come with adjustable elements that allow you to customize the fit based on your head’s shape, whether it’s oval, elongated, or with a small width.

The benefits of these adjustable headbands are numerous. Firstly, they provide a secure and comfortable fit that you can tailor to your preferences. This customization allows you to alleviate any discomfort caused by the headphones on your head.

Additionally, these adjustable headbands contribute to stability in your wearing zone, especially during prolonged use. They play a crucial role in making headphones comfortable for extended periods. 

You need to start by using headphones with adjustable headbands. Once you have headphones with adjustable headbands, your next step is to loosen them to avoid exerting pressure on your curly hair. To loosen them, you need to open the headband further, extending it to its maximum limit. 

Then, wear the headphones with your curly hair and check if they provide a comfortable experience. If you find the comfort you desire, there’s no need for further adjustments. However, if adjustments are necessary to achieve the desired tightness or looseness, use the headband to make those adjustments.

Therefore, we included this section on adjustable headphones in our guide so that you can understand the benefits and usage of headphones with adjustable headbands. It also guides you on how to wear headphones with curly hair by opting for adjustable headbands in headphones. 

Headphones That Don’t Squeeze Too Tightly.

Now, another approach for wearing headphones with curly hair is to choose a type of headphones that don’t tightly squeeze your hair. By “squeeze,” we mean that these headphones shouldn’t exert excessive pressure or bend too tightly. If they are too tight and apply pressure, it can lead to the creation of headphone hair and potential damage to your hair.

Looking at preferences over the past year and the new year, users prioritize 71% comfort when it comes to headphones. This means that users value comfort over various features, and this aligns with the sections we covered earlier, including lightweight headphones, loose headphones, and those with adjustable headbands.

Therefore, it is advisable to prefer headphones that provide you with a comfort zone, allowing you to wear them with ease. However, a common issue arises for users who already have tight headphones, and it becomes necessary to loosen them. Directly forcing them to loosen is not an option; instead, we need to use different tricks and tips to achieve a loose fit.

Firstly, try stretching tight headphones to loosen them. To do this, gently pull the headphones out, but be mindful not to overstretch; keep it within limits.

Another tip is to place your headphones on a soft pillow during your free time. Allowing them to sit on a soft surface gradually helps in loosening the tightness over time.

Now, let’s move forward and explore how to wear headphones with curly hair.

Use Lightweight Headphones With Curly Hairs: 

Now, when it comes to comfortability and ease with curly hair, we need headphones that are either adjustable, loose-fitting, foldable, or have the feature of being lightweight. Speaking of lightweight headphones, they not only offer comfort and softness but also help prevent headphone hair in your curly hair.

To determine if your headphones are lightweight, it’s quite straightforward. Simply go to the platform from which you purchased your headphones, whether it’s Amazon or another store. Open the page for your headphones, type the name or model in the search bar, click on the relevant result, and open the headphone’s page. Check the product details or specifications section to find information about the weight of your headphones. This will give you an idea of whether your headphones are lightweight or not.

How To Wear Headphones With Curly Hair

Now, lightweight headphones come with the risk of falling out easily. To address this, you can use padding or tighten the headbands, as mentioned in the guide above, to ensure a secure fit. Now, let’s move on to how to wear headphones with different hairstyles for curly hair.

How To Wear headphones With Curly Hair In A Ponytail: 

If we talk about hairstyles, everyone chooses their hairstyles according to their preferences and choices. But here, it’s not about personal preference; it’s about creating hairstyles that allow you to wear your headphones comfortably. One of the most popular styles, especially for curly hair, is the low ponytail or a simple ponytail. Let’s learn how to create a hairstyle like a low or simple ponytail that enables you to wear your headphones.

1. Begin with clean and detangled hair. Use a hairbrush or comb to remove any knots or tangles.

2. Gather your hair into a ponytail a little above the back of your head. Use your fingers or a comb to smooth the hair and ensure a neat appearance.

3. Use a hair tie or scrunchie to secure the ponytail in place. Make sure it’s not too tight, as this could cause discomfort when wearing headphones.

Carefully position the headphones over or around the ponytail. If you have over-ear headphones, slide the headband over the ponytail. For on-ear headphones, position the ear cups comfortably over the ears.

If you have any loose strands of hair, secure them with bobby pins or clips. This not only keeps your hairstyle neat but also prevents interference with the headphones.

Test for Comfort and Adjustments. This is how to wear headphones with curly hair by making a ponytail. 

Use Bobby Pins In Your Curly Hairs To Wear Headphones:

Now, commonly, we use bobby pins to style our curly hair. So, why not use them here? Bobby pins have various uses, such as stabilizing your curly hair for a particular style. 

Additionally, if you intend to keep your hairstyle in place for a longer duration, you can use bobby pins to secure your headphones by settling your curly hair in a specific position.

Now, which specific position to maintain? Let’s see. You need to use your bobby pins to set your curly hair in a way that prevents them from falling loose. In other words, arrange your bobby pins in such a manner that your curly hair is secured in a specific position. 

You can choose the position according to your preference. For example, we’ve provided a picture below that you can follow for the same look.

When the time comes to wear headphones, you should do it in the usual manner, just like how you normally wear headphones. However, if the headphones tend to fall off, you can add extra padding to your ear pads and tighten the headband. This method is explained in the section below.

Now, let’s move on to the next section on how to wear headphones with curly hair. 

Use Extra Headbands With You Headphones: 

Now, you might be feeling some confusion as we initially discussed headphone headbands, and now headbands are mentioned again. There’s a difference here. The headbands we talked about earlier are the curved bands on headphones that we wear on our heads. Meanwhile, the headbands we’re discussing here are extra bands we use, typically during sports.

These headbands offer several benefits. They provide a grip on your curly hair, keeping them pulled backward. Moreover, when you wear these headbands with headphones, your curly hair won’t get stuck in your headphones because the headband prevents them from coming forward.

Now, let’s learn how to wear these headbands. Firstly, purchase any headband of your choice. Place the headband around the middle area of your head, starting from your forehead. Since headbands are stretchy, you don’t need an extra-tight fit. Once the headband is in place, proceed to wear your headphones. Wear the headphones normally, ensuring that the headband is in front. This way, your headband stays in place.

Now, let’s move on to the next section where we’ll explore how to select the best matching hairstyle for your headphones in your curly hair. Let’s see how to wear headphones with curly hair in different styles. 

Make Hairstyle For Your Curly Hair To Wear Headphones:

Now, a question arises in mind as to why one has to style curly hair differently to wear headphones. The simple answer is, if your curly hairstyle makes it difficult to wear headphones, you need to choose a comfortable hairstyle. Here, we explain that if your curly hair is long, it might pose more challenges. When you wear headphones with long curly hair, your hair may get stuck, causing discomfort even before you start using the headphones.

This is evident in conversations found on platforms like BuzzFeed where people share their struggles with long curly hair and headphones.

However, the issue doesn’t end there. As we know, every problem comes with a solution. If you’re facing challenges with long curly hair, the solution might be to say goodbye to those long curls and opt for a shorter hairstyle, usually around shoulder length. But it’s also recognized that not everyone is willing to part with their long hair, so we explore different alternatives in this discussion. Let’s take a look at what those alternatives are.

Clips or Bands: 

Using clips and bands can be an effective way to manage long curly hair while wearing headphones comfortably. Here’s a guide on how to use clips and bands to secure your long curly hair:

1. Start with clean, detangled hair. Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to gently remove any knots.

2. Select hair clips or bands that are comfortable, secure, and won’t cause breakage. Wide or spiral hairbands are often suitable for curly hair, while gentle hair clips can be used strategically.

3. Divide your hair into sections.

4. Use the hair clips or bands to secure each section of hair. If you’re using clips, position them to hold the hair in place without pulling or causing discomfort. If you’re using bands, wrap them gently around each section.

Now that you have created your hairstyle according to your preference using clips and bands, you can proceed to wear your headphones. Just as you would normally wear headphones, do the same with your hair secured, and enjoy your experience.

This is how to wear headphones with long curly hair using clips and bands. 

Hairstyles with Braids or Twists: 

Braids or twists can be an excellent way to manage long curly hair and make it more comfortable to wear headphones. Here’s a step-by-step guide for two different styles – one with braids and another with twists:

Start with clean and detangled hair. Use a hairbrush or comb to remove any knots or tangles.

Create a center part or a side part, depending on your preference.

Divide your hair into two sections, one on each side of your head.

Begin French braiding each section from the top near the part down to the nape of your neck. Continue braiding until you reach the ends of your hair.

Secure the ends of each braid with hair ties.

Place the headphones over or around the braids. And  you are good to go. 

Adjustable Headphones: 

Now, the third alternative for settling down long curly hair and making it comfortable for headphones is to pair it with adjustable headphones. This means using headphones with adjustable headbands. The entire scenario has been discussed in the sections above, and you can refer to them for a detailed understanding.

Hair Product:

Now, the last tip or trick that you can use to make your long curly hair supported for headphones is to keep some hair products with you and use them whenever needed. Carry items like hairspray, gel, a brush, and a comb so that when you use these products, your long curly hair stays in your desired position for a long time, benefiting both your hairstyle and headphone comfort.

This is how to wear headphones with long curly hair by making a distinction between long and short hairs. Now, let’s explore which headphones can be used to create a comfortable zone with our curly hair. 

Types of Headphones That Work Best With Curly Hair:

The type of headphones matters a lot when you use them with curly hair. If you use headphones that are not designed to support curly hair, you might face difficulties. Therefore, below, we have mentioned some types and methods for wearing headphones with curly hair.

In-Ear Headphones: (How They Are Best) 

In-ear headphones are the only type that can become the best companion for your curly hair. However, it doesn’t mean that if you have a different type of headphones, you should buy in-ear products first and then wear them. 

Every type of headphones needs to be worn in a specific way. If you wear in-ear headphones incorrectly with your curly hair, their quality won’t matter. Speaking specifically about in-ear headphones, these headphones do not flatten your curly hair, providing a secure fit and comfort. Hence, we recommend using in-ear headphones.

Over ear (Cushioned Headphones):

Now, let’s talk about the other type of headphones, which are headphones with attached ear pads or ear cushions. These are commonly known as over-ear headphones in the market. Over-ear headphones come with a headband and ear cushions. 

The usage statistics indicate that a significant number of people prefer over-ear headphones, making them the most used headphones in the market.

Therefore, discussing the solutions and methods for wearing them is necessary. All these methods have been discussed above.

On ear (soft ear cushion):

On-ear headphones are similar to over-ear headphones, but they are lighter and smaller in size. Their shape is just like over-ear headphones, but they are compact. Now, let’s see what benefits these on-ear headphones provide:

On-ear headphones offer a balance between portability and sound quality. They are more compact than over-ear headphones, making them suitable for on-the-go use. Additionally, on-ear headphones provide a comfortable and breathable design, ideal for extended wear.

In conclusion, we recommend using a pair of in-ear headphones.

Try Neckband Headphones (Collar Headphones) :

You might have seen a collar around a dog’s neck, controlled by its owner. Similarly, you wear neckband headphones to control them. These headphones are shaped similar to shock collars. 

When it comes to the comfort of these headphones with curly hair, it depends on your personal preference and the specific design of the neckband. Now, you have the choice to determine if these neckband headphones can become the best companion for your curly hair.

Wireless Headphones:

And when it comes to discussing the types of headphones, if we omit wireless headphones, it would be a significant omission. If you use wireless headphones with your curly hair, they are less likely to get stuck or tangled. 

When you go wire-free, there’s nothing left to cause entanglements or get stuck. So, it is preferable to use wireless headphones to avoid such issues with your curly hair.

These were the various types of headphones that you can use with your curly hair. Now, let’s move on to explore additional methods and solutions on how to wear headphones with curly hair. 

Cover Headphones With Silk:

When it comes to the finishing touches on headphones, it’s important to note that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for curly hair. You need to secure them using different tricks and methods. Here, we are discussing headphone covers, specifically focusing on headband and ear cup covers. 

The material and design of these covers matter significantly. If your headphone covers are such that your curly hair gets stuck immediately, it can pose challenges. Hence, here’s an effort to use silk covers for headphones.

First, measure the dimensions of your headphones and cut a piece of silk cloth accordingly, leaving some extra material for wrapping.

Then, place the silk cloth over the headphones, ensuring a snug fit. Carefully wrap the cloth around the headphones, securing it without putting too much tension on the fabric.

Use small clips or fabric-friendly adhesive to secure the edges of the silk cloth in place, ensuring it stays snug around the headphones.

Trim any excess fabric if necessary, ensuring a neat and tidy appearance.

This way, by covering your headphones with a silk cloth, you can wear them comfortably without affecting your curly hair. 

Satin and silk scarfs:

Now, when we talk about silk cloth, another concept that comes to mind is covering our curly hair with a silk scarf and then wearing headphones. Silk scarves or cloth have the advantage of being soft, preventing any damage to our curly hair. Therefore, you should try covering your headphones with silk scarves or using silk cloth to cover the headphones.

To create a scarf, simply follow the usual process of making a head covering scarf, and then wear your headphones as you normally would. The silk cloth will provide protection to your curly hair against any potential damage.

Headphones With Damage:

The purpose of this section is to address the fact that many users continue to wear damaged or physically damaged headphones, which is not advisable. Using physically damaged headphones with your curly hair is not recommended because these headphones can stick to your hair, causing hair loss, headphone hair, and various other damages. Therefore, it is essential to make every effort to avoid using damaged headphones with your curly hair.

Good Padding:

When it comes to the ear pads or cushions of headphones, let’s explore how when someone with curly hair wears their original ear pads, the hair tends to get stuck. The reason behind this is that the ear pads of headphones are not wide or fitting enough to prevent your curly hair from sticking. Therefore, an easy solution is needed, and let’s see how we can add extra padding.

Firstly, purchase new extra ear pads, cushions, or any padding form from reputable brands or online platforms like Amazon. Then, cut the padding form to match the size of the ear cups of your headphones. After cutting, simply wear your headphones, and before letting the original ear cushions touch your ears, attach the new padding to your ears. Then, wear the headphones with the new padding.

The benefit of this method is that it provides a secure fit for your headphones and, at the same time, ensures comfort, reducing potential damage to your curly hair. 

Take A Break:

Now, the last tip or you can say the last step in wearing headphones with curly hair is to give your headphones and your curly hair a bit of a reset. This means you should not continuously wear your headphones with your curly hair. Give your curly hair some free time, typically 5 to 10 minutes. During this time, release your curly hair from whatever hairstyle it’s in, open it, and then redo the hairstyle.

Simultaneously, let your headphones rest. Adjust them from one position to another, wiggle them a bit, and make sure they are comfortably fitting in the new position.

So, these were all the steps you have taken to learn how to wear headphones with curly hair.


When it comes to curly hair, as mentioned earlier, approximately 58% of adults have curly hair. Knowing how to wear headphones with curly hair becomes crucial for this significant portion of the adult population. Throughout this entire chat, we have provided you with all the methods and steps to not only make headphones your curly hair companion but also wear them comfortably for an extended period.

Whether you prefer a specific hairstyle or want to shape your curly hair differently while wearing headphones, all the methods for wearing headphones with curly hair have been covered.

For now, we wish you goodbye until next time.

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