How To Use Truckers Headset Without Google Assistant

Truckers wear headsets when they go on long drives. The headsets they wear have controls that can be manipulated through voice commands, mainly using Google Assistant voice commands. With these voice commands, truckers can customize various settings and perform different tasks on their headsets. 

But sometimes, truckers drive through locations and areas where there is no internet connectivity, rendering Google Assistant ineffective. Therefore, it is essential to know how to use truckers headset without google assistant.

Truckers also prefer the option of eliminating voice control sensitivity and resorting to manual controls. In this article, we will learn how to use truckers headset without google assistant. Additionally, we will discuss the functions and features of truckers’ headsets, exploring what tasks they perform through Google Assistant and how these functions can be carried out without relying on it. Let’s delve into the details.

How Truckers Headsets Work: 

First, let’s discuss how truckers control their headsets. Truckers operate their headsets using voice commands, similar to how we use Google Assistant. With the help of Google Assistant, truckers can manage various settings and perform different tasks. This includes adjusting volume levels, attending emergency calls, listening to music while driving, or executing other tasks.

Truckers commonly use Google Assistant to accomplish these tasks by giving voice commands. Now, let’s explore how you can use your headsets without relying on Google Assistant. First, let’s understand how to disable Google Assistant.

If you want to disable Google Assistant while driving, follow the steps below. However, if you wish to use your truckers’ headsets without Google Assistant due to a loss of internet connection, you should proceed directly to the methods without disabling it.

Please note that disabling Google Assistant may be necessary for those who prefer alternative methods or face issues related to internet connectivity during their journeys.

How To Disable Google Assistant In Truckers Headset: 

To disable Google Assistant, you will need an Android device. You can perform this action using your mobile phone. 

Firstly, turn on your Android device. After turning it on, open the Settings app. Make sure you do not need an internet connection for this process. Once in the Settings app, use the search bar and type “assistant settings.” Click on the Assistant Settings option that appears in the search results.

Next, click on the Devices option in the Assistant settings. A list of connected devices will be displayed. Look for your headset in the list, and within the headset information, you will find the Google Assistant option. Toggle the switch next to it to turn it off.

Now, your headset’s Google Assistant has been successfully turned off. 

How To Use Truckers Headset Without Google Assistant: 

Now let’s explore how truckers can use their headsets without installing Google Assistant to perform various functions and tasks, such as making calls, playing audio, and navigating with GPS.


Truckers perform crucial tasks during their drives, with emergency and routine calls being among the most important. They regularly communicate with their managers, supervisors, and maintenance coordinators through phone calls to obtain essential information and ensure the safety and efficiency of their journeys.

To make calls without using Google Assistant, truckers need to connect their headsets to their mobile phones. 

Typically, most headsets come with Bluetooth connectivity. However, if the headsets are wired and connected with cables to another device, truckers can simply connect one side of the cable to the headset and the other side to their mobile phone.

For wireless headsets, truckers must connect them to their smartphones. They need to put their headsets in pairing mode, keeping in mind that the method to enable pairing mode may vary for each headset. 

To do this, truckers can refer to the user manual or instructions provided with their headsets. 

After enabling pairing mode, they can enable Bluetooth on their smartphones and connect the headset. 

Subsequently, whenever they receive a call from a manager, family member, or friend, truckers can use the physical buttons on their headsets to attend or reject calls. 

This is how to use truckers headsets without Google Assistant by picking the calls.

Audio Playback: 

Truckers can use their headsets to listen to audio without Google Assistant. Here’s how:

1. First, connect your headsets to your device as the audio source. Your audio source can be any device, such as a smartphone, as trucks typically use smartphones. 

If your headsets are wireless, put them in pairing mode and connect them to your device via Bluetooth. If they are wired, use the provided cable to connect them to your device.

2. If your headsets are wireless, pair them by putting them in pairing mode and connecting them to your device via Bluetooth. 

If they are wired, use the provided cable to connect them to your device. Connect one end of the cable to your headsets (either audio or USB port) and the other end to your mobile phone.

3. Once connected, play audio on your device, and you’ll be able to listen to music through your headsets. This way, truckers can enjoy music without relying on Google Assistant.

Mic Muting: 

Muting the microphone is another important function that truckers often need to perform while using their headsets without relying on Google Assistant. During their drives, truckers encounter various situations where they find it necessary to turn off the microphone on their headsets. 

To achieve this, let’s explore the steps on how to use truckers headset without Google Assistant to either turn off or turn on their microphone. 

Truckers face a multitude of scenarios during their journeys, and being able to control the headset microphone without relying on Google Assistant is crucial for managing communication effectively in these diverse situations.

Other Functions To Use Without Google Assistant: 

Truckers perform a variety of tasks during their drives. We have listed some tasks and functions above. In this section, we will discuss some additional tasks and functions that are not commonly used but can be performed by any trucker.

  1. Firstly, when it comes to accurate navigation and route planning, truckers often relied on Google Assistant to check GPS navigation in real-time. However, this may not be possible without Google Assistant. 

For this purpose, either an offline map is required, or certain apps tailored for truckers are needed. Apps such as CoPilot Truck, Sygic Truck GPS Navigation, or TruckMap are designed to assist truckers in finding the best routes using GPS navigation. These apps eliminate the need for Google Assistant and provide truckers with reliable offline maps for navigation.

  1. If we talk about internet searches, Google Assistant was a convenient and legal pathway for truckers to conduct searches while driving. 

However, without Google Assistant, one must refrain from using their smartphone for such purposes, as it is not legally allowed. Using a smartphone while driving can lead to accidents. For internet searches, it is recommended to pull over at a safe location, like a rest area, and conduct the search when the vehicle is stationary. 

In case of emergencies, it is crucial to seek information from supervisors or trainers.

  1. Truckers often use physical buttons on their headsets for tasks like audio recording and listening to news through Google Assistant. These buttons on their headsets enable them to perform various functions, including recording music and other tasks, even without using Google Assistant.

So, that’s how to use truckers headset without Google Assistant.

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Using a trucker’s headset without Google Assistant can be both easy and a bit complicated. This is because Google Assistant facilitates truckers in performing various tasks through fast and easy steps. However, if truckers choose not to use Google Assistant due to certain reasons, they can still manage their work with a few longer steps.

We have outlined all the situations where you can accomplish tasks without relying on Google Assistant, such as making calls, muting the microphone, listening to music, recording, GPS navigation, etc. The following steps guide you on how to use truckers headset without Google Assistant. 

So, if you are heading out for a long drive, utilize your truck’s headset without Google Assistant and ensure proper job performance even in offline mode.

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