How To Reset JBL Tune Buds | Benefits of Resetting

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to reset your JBL Tune Buds, including both hard/factory reset and soft reset methods. Resetting your earbuds can resolve various common issues, giving them a fresh start and restoring default settings. 

By following the detailed steps outlined here, you can easily reset your JBL Tune Buds using the JBL app or manually. We will also discuss the benefits of resetting your earbuds, such as fixing common errors and optimizing their performance.

How To Hard/Factory Reset JBL Tune Buds

Factory/Hard Reset Using JBL App

The first method to factory reset JBL Tune Buds involves using the official app. 

Connect your JBL Tune Buds to your Android device, open the JBL app, locate the settings in the top folder, press it, and you’ll see different options. 

Click on the factory reset option, confirm when prompted, and your earbuds will hard reset. 

They’ll disconnect from your Android device and the app may restart, allowing you to reconnect them to pair JBL Tune Buds again.

Manually Hard Reset Your JBL Tune Buds

The second method for hard resetting your JBL Tune Buds manually is as follows: 

Connect both the left and right earbuds to your device.

Then, tap the right earbud twice and tap it a third time and hold for 10 seconds until it turns off. 

This means your earbuds have been reset, disconnected from the device they were connected to, and you can now reconnect them to your device using any method.

How To Soft Reset JBL Tune Buds

If you want to perform a soft reset on your headphones, you can do so with one simple step. A soft reset works like a power cycle and does not delete your saved data. Follow these steps to perform a soft reset:

Disconnect your JBL Tune Buds from all devices.

Press and hold the touch area to turn off your JBL Tune Buds.

Put them back into the charging case.

Wait for 5 seconds.

Remove the JBL Tune Buds from the case, They will turn on and will enter into pairing mode.

Congratulations, your JBL Tune Buds have been soft reset!

Benefits of Resetting JBL Tune Buds

Fix Common Errors

After resetting your JBL Tune Buds, you can typically fix issues such as JBL Tune Buds one side (left or right) earbud not working, JBL Tune Buds not pairing, or JBL Tune Buds not charging. Resolving these errors effectively can help you avoid various inconveniences and ensure smooth operation of your earbuds.

Give Your Earbuds A Fresh Start

When you reset your JBL Tune Buds, they turn off temporarily and then turn back on. After restarting, they undergo a fresh start, essentially becoming like new and typically resolving any issues you might have been facing.

Restore The Default Settings

Performing a soft reset restores your JBL Tune Buds to their default settings. Resetting essentially returns your JBL Tune Buds to a state similar to when you first purchased them, ensuring they operate efficiently and without any lingering issues. 

This can help improve performance and ensure they function as they did when new, including optimizing speed and functionality.


Resetting your JBL Tune Buds can effectively resolve various issues, giving your earbuds a fresh start and restoring them to their default settings. Whether you choose to use the JBL app or manually reset them, the steps provided in this guide are simple and straightforward. 

By performing a reset, you can enhance the performance and functionality of your JBL Tune Buds, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable audio experience.

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