How To Charge JBL Tune Buds | Fix Not Charging Issue

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to charge your JBL Tune Buds and troubleshoot common charging issues. We’ll cover essential steps, including cleaning your earbuds, checking the USB-C cable, using a power bank, replacing the charging case, and resetting the earbuds. 

By following these tips, you can ensure your JBL Tune Buds stay powered up and ready to deliver an excellent audio experience.

How To Charge JBL Tune Buds

First, let me explain how to charge your JBL Tune Buds. If you want to charge your JBL Tune Buds, check the box they came in. Typically, there will be a USB cable included. Take out this cable, which has two ends: one end is meant to be plugged into your earbuds, and the other end is meant to be plugged into an adapter for an Android or iPhone device.

Connect the adapter to a power outlet, and charging will start. This way, you can charge your JBL Tune Buds.

To check if the JBL Tune Buds are charging, you should see a light indicator. 

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Battery Life & Charging Time For JBL Tune Buds

Many users are curious about the battery life and charging time of JBL Tune Buds. Let me inform you that these JBL Tune Buds have a battery life of up to 48 hours. If noise cancelling is off, they last 12 hours with the earbuds alone and 36 hours with the charging case. 

When noise cancelling is on, the total time is 40 hours: 10 hours with the earbuds and 30 hours with the case. 

These JBL Tune Buds feature fast charging, providing 4 hours of playtime with just a 15-minute charge, making them highly convenient with their rapid charging speed.

Fix JBL Tune Buds Not Charging Issue

Clean JBL Tune Buds 

If your JBL Tune Buds are not charging, it might be because they are dirty. Before taking any other step, let’s clean the earbuds. 

A clean JBL Tune Buds can establish a good connection with the charging case, enabling it to start charging. You’ll need a few items for cleaning: a cotton cloth, cotton swabs, and alcohol. 

First, use the cotton cloth to clean the inside of the charging case, especially the charging pins, and the pins on the earbuds.

Then, dip a cotton swab in a little alcohol and let it dry slightly.

Use the cotton swab to gently clean the connection points on the JBL Tune Buds and inside the charging case.

Finally, use the cotton cloth again to thoroughly clean and dry the charging pins on both the earbuds and the case.

After this, place the JBL Tune Buds back into the charging case and start charging them. 

Hopefully, your earbuds will now begin to charge.

Change Type C Cable

Sometimes, the charging case doesn’t fully charge, which means your earbuds don’t charge either. 

One reason for this could be a faulty USB-C cable, preventing the charging case and, in turn, the JBL Tune Buds from charging. 

Try changing your charging cable and using a new USB-C cable. Then, attempt to charge the earbuds again.

Charge Using Power Bank

If you are facing a problem where your JBL Tune Buds is not charging, try to use a power bank to see if it charges. Most likely, your earbuds will charge without any issues using a power bank, and the charging problem will be resolved. 

Connect your JBL Tune Buds to a power bank, plug one end of the cable into the JBL Tune Buds case and the other end into the power bank. This will start charging your earbuds.

Replace Charging Case

If you have followed all the given steps and your JBL Tune Buds are still not charging, I suggest you replace your charging case. You don’t need to buy new earbuds or a new charging case; you can find many replacement charging cases available on various online stores. 

You can search on Google or social media, or ask friends or local stores for information. They might have a compatible case for your JBL Tune Buds. With a new case, your JBL Tune Buds should start charging again, and you’ll be able to use them properly.

Reset Your Earbuds

If you’ve tried all the methods and your earbuds still aren’t charging, you can reset your earbuds and then fix the not charging case. 

We have written a separate article on how to reset your JBL Tune Buds, which you can read to understand the details. This will be very beneficial for you to resolve the issue.


Charging your JBL Tune Buds is straightforward, but issues can occasionally arise. By following our guide, you can effectively troubleshoot and resolve common charging problems. 

Remember to keep your earbuds and charging case clean, check your cables, consider using a power bank, and explore replacing the charging case if necessary. 

With these steps, your JBL Tune Buds should charge properly, ensuring you enjoy uninterrupted audio performance.

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